What TV shows did you not pay much attention to when they first aired only to find years later that you like them?

I've recently rediscovered Enterprise on Netflix. For those of you who may not know, it's that Star Trek show from the aughts that's supposed to be a prequel series to the original Star Trek series. (Interestingly enough, this means that Enterprise is the only Star Trek series that's still canon in the Abrams universe.)

I didn't give it much of a chance back when it first aired. I watched a few episodes here and there, but I was put off by a couple of elements:

1) The time travel plot seemed strange and convoluted. I wanted to see a story arc involving the ramifications of a turbulent first contact with the Romulans or the Klingons, not a time travel arc with a brand new species we've never seen in Star Trek before or since.

2) The ship really didn't have to be called Enterprise. That one still bothers me. They had so many new and exciting potential starship names to choose from, yet they decided to go with Enterprise. It seemed as though the creators of the show were going to absurd lengths to make it appeal to older Star Trek fans. "Look! The ship's called Enterprise! You remember the other Enterprise ships, right? The ones Kirk and Picard commanded? Well this one's going to be just as cool!"

Anyway... I've started watching Enterprise straight through on Netflix (I'm early in the second season now), and I find that I actually like it. The characters are all very relatable and likeable, and the stories have been pretty good so far. I'm still not too fond of the time travel arc, but maybe it'll end up being interesting once more information is revealed about the antagonists and their motivations. I'm just taking Enterprise at face value right now and enjoying it for what it has to offer. I already like it better than Voyager, and who knows โ€” maybe it'll be right up there with TNG and DS9 in my estimation by the time I finish it.


Believe it or not, I also didn't give Firefly much of a shot back when it first aired. Of course, it didn't help that I was a bit thrown off by 'The Train Job' being the first episode Fox aired. I had been a Buffy and Angel fan before, but I wrote off 'Firefly' as something of a misstep from Whedon. Years later, a friend let me borrow her Firefly DVDs, and I was hooked. I went from not caring about Firefly to going on a group excursion to see Serenity at a theater.