The Forgotten

TV shows, movies, video games, books... a lot of stories come and go each year, some with more lasting notoriety than others.

Even though Firefly came and went pretty quickly, it garnered plenty of notoriety, and it remains one of the best loved science fiction series in recent decades. I love Firefly, but I love another Nathan Fillion show even more. No, not Castle. This was a show that debuted in 2007 — in between Firefly and Castle. It was a grand experiment in which something that might normally be the plot of a high octane movie was turned into a smart, exciting television show with interesting characters. This show was called Drive.


The plot revolves around an ensemble cast of characters who were either drawn into or forced into a secret automobile race across the United States with a massive monetary prize for the winner. All the participants are required to move from one checkpoint to the next on their way to the eventual finish line, and the only way they can figure out how to get to the next checkpoint is with clues they're given along the way.

Along with Nathan Fillion, the cast also featured a young Emma Stone in what should have been her breakout television role, Dylan Baker as her character's father, Amy Acker as Nathan Fillion's character's wife, Melanie Lynskey (the crazy stalker lady on Two and a Half Men), and Taryn Manning (the crazy religious lady on Orange is the New Black).

A secret race across America featuring participants with a wide variety of reasons for being involved was one of the best ideas for a television show I had ever seen, and the execution was marvelous. I was very excited about this show, and then Fox cancelled it just four episodes in (with two more episodes available to watch only online). It didn't even last long enough to get one of those "The Complete Series" DVD sets you sometimes see for cancelled shows (like Firefly). It just faded into obscurity. Sadly, the six episodes that were shown only covered the first act of what should have been the first season of this great show.

What TV show, movie, video game, or book/book series faded into obscurity even though you thought it was fantastic? What forgotten stories would you like to let us know about?

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