I continue to be disappointed with the Virtual Console section of the Nintendo eShop. They've done well enough on the selection of Game Boy games so far, but we've only seen a few NES and Game Gear games, and absolutely no SNES or Genesis games.

I said before that I don't want to pay more than $4.99 for games available in the eShop (with the notable exception of full retail games like NSMB2), but I was talking about what's currently available on there. I would have no problem paying, say, $7.99-$9.99 each to have classics such as Super Mario World, ActRaiser, Super Castlevania IV, and Super Mario Kart on my 3DS.

Why is Nintendo dragging their feet with the eShop Virtual Console? I'd be pleased even if they just had a bigger NES selection on there, but they seem to be in no hurry to expand that selection. They didn't even use their "Month of Mario" in the eShop to release Super Mario Bros. 2 and/or 3. What's going on here?