I bought Guardian Heroes on XBLA recently and played it with a friend online. It wasn't a very good experience. We couldn't play the game on "Normal" difficulty because our progress would be completely wiped out if we ran out of credits. I could understand starting us back at the beginning of the stage we were on, but wiping out ALL of our progress?! Ridiculous in my opinion. Here's what my friend had to say about it (posted with his permission):

"the saturn version was nothing like what we played last week. medium mode was medium, not impossible, there was none of this save being deleted if you die either. there was a one button system for casting magic spells too.

the saturn control had a,b,c x,y,z, so it worked out better. using triggers and shoulder buttons for things just doesn't work"

Any former Saturn owners out there care to comment on the XBLA Guardian Heroes versus the original Guardian Heroes on the Saturn?