Have We Just Heard The Wii U's Death Knell?

As a Wii U owner, I was really looking forward to this year’s E3 Nintendo Direct. With Zelda Wii U pushed to 2016, Nintendo needed a big, unexpected reveal like a Wii U Metroid game or a Wii U F-Zero game to wow their fans and get them excited about the future of Wii U gaming. Instead, we were treated to a by-the-numbers Direct filled with Animal Crossing stuff, a 3DS Metroid game that seems to be a Metroid game in name only, a new Starfox title we’ve known about for a while, and a Yoshi title about which we already knew a great deal. Where was the magic? Where was the excitement? That 3DS Metroid reveal was especially bad. While it does look like it could be a fun game, it also looks like the kind of game you release as a companion title to something bigger. Seeing it out there on its own is kind of sad.

It’s no secret that the Wii U hasn’t been performing extremely well in the marketplace. It’s certainly no Virtual Boy, but it’s no Wii either. I really wouldn’t blame the people at Nintendo for focusing on their next home console at this point, and that’s exactly what I think they’re doing.

In my opinion, Nintendo didn’t have a mediocre E3 showing because the Microsoft and Sony presentations were so much better in comparison. It was mediocre because Nintendo didn’t seem to have their heart in it. The way I see it is that this year’s Nintendo E3 presentation was about throwing Nintendo fans a few bones while holding back the steak for next year’s NX reveal (assuming of course that it’s going to be revealed next year). I could be wrong, but I think Nintendo is already moving away from the Wii U. The way things appear to be going, Zelda Wii U could end up being the console’s swan song.

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